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Tutorial: Valentine idea, Jaz

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  • jaz
    Gold heart

    Here's a more traditional gold one
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  • jaz
    started a topic Tutorial: Valentine idea, Jaz

    Tutorial: Valentine idea, Jaz

    Here's one: Metallic heart

    Here's how I created it:

    1) Fill background with black
    2) Create second layer
    3) On layer 2, draw a heart using the pen, saved as selection

    4) With selection active, Filled with radial gradient, foreground to background (used red and white)

    5) Added Guassian noise
    6) Motion blur, wind, 45 degrees, 25 distance

    7) Layer bevel and emboss to get 3d Effect - Play around with contour, possibly even drawing your own curve to enhance metallic effect

    7a) Added drop shadow, changed color to pink to allow it to show up against black background

    8) Create layer 3

    9) Added star-glint using one of the additional brushes that comes with Photoshop 6 and 7
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