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Tutorial (link): Pen and Ink (Gregory Georges)

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  • Tutorial (link): Pen and Ink (Gregory Georges)

    Link to tutorial:

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    I know I've seen this technique and actually had some time to take some of my pics (which, in this case, weren't all that great as photographs), and played around with this tutorial.

    Wow!! LOT's of fun , not to mention another thing learned!

    Anyhow, I thought I'd post a couple of these here for comments/critiques. Oh, and a thanks to the author of the tutorial: Gregory George, author of "50 Fast Digital Photo Editing Techniques".
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    Here is another one...again, not a very good original, but with the Watercolor, Pen&Ink treatment...and framing, I like!
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      ...and one more

      No frame, but I like anyhow.
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        Here is the lily pad, before/after.

        The technique/tutorial I followed was the Watercolor, Pen&Ink one mentioned earlier.

        Basically, created 2 dups, Desaturated one and used the Blur/Smart Blur Filter with Edges Only/High settings. I did do some pre-processing/cleaning up work on the pic before hand to clean up some discolored (brown) areas on a couple of the lily pads and color correct one yellow one.

        Anyhow, I played around a bit more with the lines, trying some Poster Edge, levels and things like that.

        Once I got the Pen/Ink line drawing the way I wanted, I Inverted (to get black lines on white background).

        Gong to the second duplicate image, used the Dry Brush filter, (and then touched up some areas with paintbrush/smudge, and then used the Blur/Smart Blur there as well, only using Normal vs Edges Only. The settings there varied per picture.

        Once I got that where I wanted, I copied the Pen&Ink pic into the Watercolored image. Set Soft Light on Pen&Ink layer.

        Back on the Watercolor layer, added a Hue/Saturation, Levels and Color Balance adjustment layer, again, these are according to taste/feel.

        Here is the link to the actual tutorial:

        The Rosewood frames were done by the following actions:
        Written by Bud Guinn from a tutorial by Dave Jasek and incorporating the Rosewood action from Photoshop.

        I can't find the link to the Action, but got it on the DPReview Forum and I think it is here at RetouchPro as well. Great Frame actions by the way.

        This technique sure helped what were so-so pics from my huge so-so box!!

        Thanks for the support and forum to be able to both learn and show.
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