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Tutorial: SKetch, Stoney's method

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  • Tutorial: SKetch, Stoney's method

    Been working on this for a couple days. I've been attempting to do some old style art to hang on my walls since there bare let me know what you think
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    thanx for all the replies its much appreciated. Basically what I did is similiar to trimoons tutorial, with a few different things. I use the history brush with the original photo set to use for it. Then i set the brush to screen and choose a wet media brush and begin stroking away with color gradually increasing or decreasing the opacity to get the effect. I find that if you make the object of attention darker it has a better effect in this case it is the axle. The background was painted in and cloned from some foliage. using the color dodge tool i can highlight edges of the tires and the axle to give it some more definition. now as I near the edge of the paper I gradually decrease the opacity of the foliage to make it lighter as it extends outward. Lastly I may adjust the brightness and or contrast to my liking. Sorry i can't be more specific as with most of my photos I just play with the settings until I like. I guess I should start making notes whenever I work on a photo. Anwyays thanx again


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