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KPT Pyramid Filter recipe

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  • KPT Pyramid Filter recipe

    my english is not ready for me to participate at this forum...
    Last edited by ismore; 01-02-2004, 04:54 PM.

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    A belated welcome, Ismore.

    That's quite an effect you've generated. If you'd like to post your action to share, you're welcome to do so and I'm sure others would appreciate it. (You'll have to .zip it before it can be uploaded.) Check this link:

    Replicating Buzz Simplifier... This kind of works, depending on image characteristics:
    * Dry Brush
    * Smart Blur, Normal, radius and threshold to taste
    * Diffuse > Anisotropic to soften the edges a bit
    * Edit > Fade Diffuse (to tone down the softing some)



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      DR, Danny? Mr. Raphael?
      He generally answers to "Sir". Or "Your Excellency"

      Thanks for this technique and the accompanying action - it's a great idea!


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        Your actions are very creative.

        A couple suggestions:
        * When each finishes, how about naming the layer the same as the action name? That would help keep the effects straight. After running 4-5 and started comparing the results, I lost track of what generated what.
        * On the Texturizer steps... Rather than texturizing the layer directly, try this instead. Create a new layer, Edit > Fill > 50% gray. Apply texture to that layer, set blend mode to Overlay.

        Benefits: Texture becomes optional (on/off) and adjustable (other blend modes, opacity tweaks) after the fact.

        Overall a very creative set. I see you posted an update to the Actions Thread (great). If you want to update/replace the .zip, click the Edit button (for your actions post), then browse to the new attachment location and click the replace attachment option and you'll be in business.