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Oil Painting Effect

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  • Oil Painting Effect

    Here's an easy way to get an oil painted effect.

    Use the same texture for a displacement map as you do for the texture.

    The attached used a texture of my own called rust flakes - created from a picture of some rust flakes.

    The picture was taken in my garden last year.

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    Originally posted by Xaran
    Use the same texture for a displacement map as you do for the texture.Christine

    Nice image to work on, and an effective use of Displacement Map. Gives it a great look!


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      This is what I did:
      1. Filter > Texture > Texturizer [Load texture...]
      then browsed to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Presets\Textures and selected Rust Flakes.psd.

      2. Filter > Distort > Displace. Settings: 10%, 10%, Stretch to Fit, Wrap Around. Clicked OK, then selected Rust Flakes.psd in the next dialog

      ...and it turned out very painterly.

      After step 2, i tried Edit > Fade Displace. Changing the blend mode to Hard Light added some contrast.

      This is pretty slick, Christine. WELL DONE!



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        Must admit I did the displace first then the texture, wonder what difference it makes? have to experiment.



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          Did some experimenting with texture and displace.

          It does make quite a big difference which is done first.

          Examples below - the first picture uses displace first then texture the second is texture first then displace.

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            What a great technique! Thanks for sharing it, but would you mind sharing the texture?



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              Sorry but to get the file down to a size that will upload it loses too much detail. There are several of the standard PS ones that should give similar effects though.



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