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Software: Corel Painter 8.1 patch, Tutor Alley forum, Jinny Brown, Painter resources

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  • Software: Corel Painter 8.1 patch, Tutor Alley forum, Jinny Brown, Painter resources

    Jinny Brown is one of the premier users / teachers of Painter. She's a regular contributor to numerous Painter venues, including the Corel Painter newsgroup and very deservedly is held in very high regard by the Painter community. ~Danny~


    Hi Neve,

    In your post in Danny's thread named "Photos to Paintings - Painter 8.1 Tutorials, Marilyn Sholin", I noticed you said your Painter 8 software "comes without help files etc.".

    I'm surprised you say Painter 8 comes without Help files (unless I misunderstood your post) since they're available from inside Painter by clicking:

    Help > Help Topics

    That opens the Painter 8 User Guide in online format, in your browser. It's complete with a Contents tab, Index tab, and Search tab. On the Contents tab, the links are organized just as the chapters are in the hard copy Painter 8 User Guide.

    If you want to install the Painter 8.1 patch (and I strongly suggest that you do install it), it can be downloaded along with the updated Corel Painter 8 User Guide in PDF format at:

    To have instructions for creating and using Custom Palettes, you'll need the updated Corel Painter 8 User Guide PDF, so don't forget to download it too.

    You'll need to Uninstall Painter 8, reinstall Painter 8, and install the Painter 8.1 patch using all of the following steps to avoid problems:

    1. Close Painter 8 and other programs.

    2. Move any files you created into a new backup folder outside of the Painter 8 folders.

    3. Uninstall Painter 8.

    4. Manually delete any remaining Painter 8 folders and files.

    5. Reboot.

    6. Install Painter 8 and don't open it even one time.

    7. Install the Painter 8.1 patch.

    8. Reboot.

    9. Launch Painter 8.1.

    To make sure the Painter 8.1 patch was installed correctly:

    1. Go to the Help menu and click About Corel Painter 8... to open the splash screen. Near the bottom, you'll see several lines of small text. At the right end of the first line of small text, you should see Version 8.1. Click the splash screen to close it.

    2. At the bottom of the Window menu, you should see Custom Palettes.

    3. Click any brush category icon, hold, and drag it onto the Painter screen. That will automatically create a new Custom Palette with the icon in it. The new Custom Palette will be named Custom 1.

    4. To delete the test Custom Palette, use:

    Window > Custom Palettes > Organizer

    5. In the Organizer dialog box, highlight the name of your test Custom Palette (Custom 1), click the Delete button, then click the OK button.

    You'll find many Painter tutorials on the Web. For starters, you'll find several on the Corel site, including one by Jeremy Sutton:

    Transforming a Photograph into a Painting with Corel Painter 8.

    Jeremy Sutton is not only a successful artist in his own right, he's been a Painter writer and instructor for many years and knows Painter far better than most, including some who teach and sell Painter teaching materials though they've only used Painter for a relatively short time. In addition, Jeremy is a gifted teacher, and a charming and helpful human being.

    Along with Jeremy's tutorial, you'll find the others at this page on the Corel site:

    Corel Painter 8 Tutorials

    Painter's Clone painting feature is also explained in Help > Help Topics. Click the Contents tab, scroll down and click the link to the chapter named Cloning and Tracing.

    To help you learn Painter more easily, I suggest joining several Painter related e-mail lists, message boards, and the Corel Painter Newsgroup, the best of which are listed on my PixelAlley site on the page linked below:

    PixelAlley Section Links Page

    On the lower left side of the page, click the link named Painter Community Links.

    You'll also find other links at PixelAlley (on the page linked above) to Painter tutorials and demo's, Painter 7 information, and custom brushes you can download and use in any Painter version from Painter 7 through Painter IX. Most of the tutorials were written for earlier Painter versions but they should be fairly easy to translate for use in Painter 8 since the basics are pretty much the same, at least in Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8.

    I hope this info will help get you off to a good start.

    As Jeremy says....

    Happy Painting!
    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 11-21-2004, 12:00 PM.

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    Originally posted by Jin

    As Jeremy says....

    Happy Painting!
    Hi Jinny:

    Glad your forums are back in business. Just registered myself and look forward to getting back into learning more about Painter. Have you begun teaching again?

    Thanks for posting this info. (I changed the title and put a link to this thread in the other one.)



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      Hi Danny,

      Please see my bold edit in the original message in this thread.

      My forums have been "in business" steadily since August, 2002 when TutorAlley Forums opened.

      You might be thinking of the timeframe in which I closed new registrations for a while. That was due to an illness in my family when I didn't have time to screen new registrations and do the other necessary admin work that involves.

      No, I haven't begun teaching again but am preparing class materials for a Painter IX class and will probably also teach both Painter 7 and Painter 8 classes again sometime in the near future. I was on the Painter IX Beta team and that took up a lot of my time for a few months and further delayed the classes. Hopefully I'll catch up one of these days and be teaching again.

      So much to do, so little time.. and not enough energy either!

      Thanks again (see edit) for your kind words when introducing me.
      Last edited by Jin; 11-21-2004, 12:52 PM.


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        Hi Jin,

        I'd hoped by mentioning the version I was purchasing (without help files - which was as advertised as such!) would spark a response but not quite as detailed as this! I'm indebted to you and can't thank you enough. I'd felt at the time of purchase that this would be misinformation.

        I have Win98SE so although I have installed Painter 8, I cannot install the patch (8.1). Corel state at their site that they don't support Win 98 so I am fortunate that Painter 8 does appear to be operating alright. Whatever may be missing, I am unaware of it as you'll appreciate.

        I hope to upgrade my pc and OS next year and from now until then, with so many wonderful Painter PDF tutorials to guide me, I will learn the basics and happily paint for the next few months.

        Cheers and many thanks once again.


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          Here's a copy of something that's been shared around the Painter community since shortly after the Painter 8.1 patch was released. If you're up to it, it might help you get the Painter 8.1 patch installed on Win98:


          A while ago, Corel Painter Program Manager Rick Champagne shared something with me and with some other Painter users that might be helpful to you as well.

          Understand before you begin that Corel is not supporting Win98 any longer and this should be done with the understanding that you do it at your own risk.

          On some of the Painter lists, I've heard that it worked for a few Painter users and I have not heard of an instance where it didn't work (for what that may be worth).

          Rick Champagne said:

          You must have a clean install of Painter 8 before doing this. Then go to Start->Run and type the following:

          msiexec.exe /p "C:\FullPath\CorelPainter8Update.msp" REINSTALL=ALL
          REINSTALLMODE=oums /qb

          The "FullPath" bit should be replaced with the path to where the updater file is located on your hard drive.
          Again, this is not something that is "Corel approved", so if you try it and it doesn't work, you won't get support from Corel and they can't be held responsible. This is just an unofficial tip from Rick, something he discovered on his own time.
          At worst, as long as you've saved any custom libraries, custom brushes, and other custom setting files to a "Painter 8 Backup" folder outside of your Painter 8 folders, all you'd need to do is Uninstall and reinstall Painter 8 again.

          The main advantage of installing the Painter 8.1 patch is that it gives us back Custom Palettes, not included in the released Painter 8 version, and very useful for making Painter more convenient, comfortable, and easy to use.

          Good luck!


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            Hi Jin, Finally getting back to let you know that I've now upgraded my computer substantially and have Painter 8.1 installed successfully as a result. I'm looking forward, this year, to becoming much more involved in learning more about this wonderful program. Thank you once again for all your generous advice and guidance to date.


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              Thank you Jeremy!!!


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