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Actions, the Mother of all Photoshop Photo Art action collections

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  • Actions, the Mother of all Photoshop Photo Art action collections

    Click HERE to be taken to a thead where an absolutely super collection of photo-art actions can be downloaded.

    Click HERE for more actions, albeit usually (but not always) more general in nature. But if you're an action hound, it's definitely worth a look.

    Last edited by DannyRaphael; 01-22-2004, 09:03 PM.

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    Thanks Danny. I'll check it out.


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      Checked it out and downloaded it for future appraisal. Thanks Danny. You sure have turned out to be a wealth of cool info.


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        Danny.... The ACTION Guru

        How many of these actions, do you think one should try loading into that folder. Don't want to sink the ship.
        I've really messed up my brush palette. I was trying to figure out how to make a wet 60 brush so I could use those actions that stopped because it couldn't find that brush.....

        Am using PS6, can someone tell me how to make this exact brush or wrap it up and put it under my cyber Christmas Tree

        Or else in a step by step, remedy to insert a new command in the action with a already existing brush..... I made my own first action today, but still can't get to where I can ..."change a mistake." Need some help, please.

        Really, want to try this sketch action out.
        Also thanks for all these great ones....


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          I heard once that the word "guru" means something like "One who leads others from darkness to light." More times than not, that would make me a "rugu," one who leads others "from light to darkness"!

          Refresh my memory: What's the name of the action causing this problem? Given the symptoms it should be modified so as not to cause further grief to nice folks like you who don't deserve to be treated this way!

          RE: How many actions to max out the Actions palette?
          Good question. Don't know the answer to that one. Just posted a question in the PS/Win forum at Bet somebody there will know. I'll reply to this thread if I get solid info on that.

          The technical limit probably far exceeds the practical limit. It's probably like a carpenter with 25 different chisels. How many does one really need? It's a style preference, I guess. Whatever's right for you.

          RE: How to define a custom brush
          I'll leave the instructions on how to define a custom brush to someone who's done that. Something I'll get around to eventually, but as of the moment it's ground I've yet to plow.

          Take heart: If you've been good (or sufficiently bad), perhaps Santa will come through with that cyber present!

          RE: Workaround for failing action
          In the mean time I'd disable the action step so it doesn't cause the action to fail.

          To do that:
          * Expand the action (click the triangle just to the left of the action name so all the steps are displayed)
          * Scroll down to the failing step that attempts to select the custom brush. You may have to expand individual steps within the action to see enough detail to make this determination.
          * Click the box in the far L column, clearing the checkmark and thus disabling the step. Optionally you could drag the step over the Trash icon at the bottom of the palette, rendering it forever to the bit bucket.

          In the big scheme of things you can pick your own brush and set the characteristics to your choosing. You'll more than likely get as good as (or better) results than the custom brush anyway.

          Appreciate you posting this question. Hopefully this workaround will be useful to others.



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            HI Danny
            I just downloaded this group of actions today..I played with them all afternoon..Most work really great..I found that changing to lower resolutions like 72 make the effects work digital camera puts out 180.

            I also found that it is a real load in the actions pallet..Switching to button mode helps in this regard..You only have one line per action..As long as you don't need to look line by line..this is PS 7.0.



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              Good points on the lower resolution and button mode, Jerry. Thanks for bringing these up.


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                Mother of All Photoshop Actions


                I downloaded this collection the other night and found it difficult to tear myself away from the computer--as I wanted to stay up all night and play with these cool-a-matic actions!

                See, I am really quite a newbie to PS 7---so this was the first real time of playing with the actions palette. Thanks for sharing these actions all I need to do is my first challenge! Gee--which one should I pick---there are so many!



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                  reply to actions

                  Hi everybody,

                  I'm Gina and I'm new. I registered last week and allready spent many hours watching and learning
                  I downloaded the action sets from the dpreview board and some from Mike Finn's site too. Very nice one's there.
                  Of course I tried them instantly but I got into trouble with some actions in his paint tools where the program looks for some displacement maps. They don't seem to be in the zip file and they don't seem to belong with photoshop neither. Does anybody know where I could find them? Thanks up front and hoping to hear and see from you all soon.



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                    Hello Gina...

                    Welcome. Glad you found us and are having some fun.

                    If you go to

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                    ...there's a separate download (textures) containing files that accompany a few of the RBS_xxx actions.

                    You may have to modify the actions in order to "find" the files on your computer since the actions were programmed to look for them at a specific location.

                    If you run into difficulties, I'll be glad to give you a hand.

                    Again, welcome. Hope you will be participating in some of the mini-challenges or self-service mini-challenges. Look forward to seeing some of your creativity.



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                      warm welcome

                      Thank you Danny for the warm welcome. Indeed I found my way to the Kafuensis place and downloaded the textures. I suppose they'll do but I also got a reply from Mike Finn that you can of course make your own.
                      I allready had a few dry runs with some challenges but they are not up to standard I think (shouldn't there be something for somebody to learn?) .
                      Bye for now



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