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  • Learn from the All-Stars

    Wanna learn from the BEST? Here's a place to start.

    The following individuals have distinguished themselves in the Photo-Art forum by their exceptional photography, photo-art creations and/or the knowledge they share through tips, techniques and tutorials. Their login names are underlined below.

    Over time I will populate this thread with links to specific forum entries, but in the mean time:
    1. Copy the login name of an All-Star below.
    2. Click HERE to invoke the forum Search engine (or choose it from the menu). A new window will open.
    3. Paste the login name in the SEARCH BY USER NAME field.
    4. Select "Photo-based Art" from the SEARCH ALL FORUM OPTIONS list.
    5. Optional: For a little more detail click the SHOW RESULTS AS POSTS option.
    6. Click OK

    The search will display threads in which a given individual has participated. The PREVIEW column will give you an idea of what's going on for a given post.

    NOTE: Due to the conversational nature of forums, NOT EVERY POST is going to be a nugget of gold! But many will.

    - - - - - - - - -
    Visual Eyes - Truman Brown.

    jbcaffrey - Jim Caffrey.

    angue - Antonio (Tony) Guevara.

    creativo - Oscar Hernandez

    TRIMOON - Steve LeQuier.

    lglogan - Lynda Logan.

    OhThatGirl2001 - Lisa Peters.

    Wanda Schwind - Wanda Schwind.

    Trine Sirnes - Trine Sirnes.

    jeaniesa - Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero.

    - - - - - - - - -

    If you would like to nominate someone for all-star status, or if you have comments on this in particular, click the PM button below. I'd appreciate hearing from you.



    Pencil Sketch
    * The classic method that is the basis for many photo-art methods (Doug Nelson)

    Virtual Painter:
    * VP and Photoshop's Calculations Filter (Lynda Logan)

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