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  • Jane Conner-ziser

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Corel Painter and I want to speed up my learning curve by watching some video tutorial. I did a search on ebay and found this DVDs set by Jane Conner-ziser. Anyone watch her tutorial can give me recommendation? Thanks.


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    Re: Jane Conner-ziser

    Can't say I'm familiar.
    Some tutorials are available on-line. I have a few links bookmarked:

    also , try to do a search for "Dave Nagel". He wrote a few good tutorials.



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      Re: Jane Conner-ziser

      Having seen both I would highly recommend the Jeremy Sutton DVDs over the offerings from Jane Conner-ziser -- especially since the Reserve (minimum bid) is $125.

      That said the purpose of these DVD sets is to illustrate how to use Painter to achieve specific "looks" or "styles." They don't go much into how to use Painter from the "basics" perspective. For learning Painter the class offerings at are excellent in terms of useful content and exceptionally reasonably priced. Thorough, well thought out, reasonable pace (6-weeks) plus students get the opportunity to interact with (as questions) of an instructor, something not possible with DVDs.



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