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What do you think of my first sketch?


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  • keiser
    sketch - daughter
    by keiser
    Have been trying to learn how to do a sketch. Not a soft as I wanted, but thought they looked alright.

    original pic, b/w, added light color...
    06-07-2007, 11:02 AM
  • thevision
    Anyone used Sketch Matrix, Akvis or Sketch Master?
    by thevision
    I have not seen any reviews of sketch matrix. I am considering sketch matrix,
    sketch master and akvis. Any help?
    04-12-2010, 09:07 AM
  • rosierosierosie
    Sketch of my Great Niece and Nephew
    by rosierosierosie
    I tried to do a sketch of my great niece and nephew I whitened out the background . but how would you make it look more like a pencil sketch. more detail in the drawing and background. I followed photoshop Mama Shane from a you tube tutorial on changing a photo into a drawing any help I would appreciate....
    06-26-2009, 09:47 AM
  • shumicpi
    Photo to Pencil Sketch in Photoshop
    by shumicpi
    What do you think about this effect of making a photo to a pencil sketch? Is it similar like the effect created in online free sites?...
    10-19-2015, 04:41 AM
  • felly1000
    pencil sketch
    by felly1000
    Converted a photo to sketch...... would love to see some variations.....
    02-19-2009, 01:18 PM
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  • What do you think of my first sketch?

    I love this site! I wish I could pick a style and stick with it. I have always thought that this picture of my wife had potential. This is my rendition. What do you think? I used the basic sketch outline of tamroon.

    This is the link to the full size photo
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    Re: What do you think of my first sketch?

    hi kliph and welcome to RP.

    there's a wide variety of sketch types. yours is more of a softer definition. i tend to prefer a higher contrast, more definition, but that's just a preference thing. i do like that yours tends to look like a soft graphite with a bit of hand rubbing/smearing, which often has more realism to it. so, that part of it is great.


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      Re: What do you think of my first sketch?

      Kliph, I agree with the idea that the picture has potential.. I like your sketch also.. and like Craig said the softness adds something.. mine is a bit harsh for such a pretty lady..

      My thinking goes something like this.. with all sketch, painting, or retouch projects I always do the same basics before doing any thing else.. clean up the photo by doing levels, curves, color corrections and repairing any cosmetic things (Like in this case, softening the heavy dark lines in the face), then crop and sharpen.. After all this is done and everything looks good.. then I start playing.... painting, sketching etc.. like the samples I am posting
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        Re: What do you think of my first sketch?

        Going for a very soft pencil look.
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          Re: What do you think of my first sketch?

          ICE4/GREYC/Fine Threshold blended with results from Impressionist Geo Chaotic Chrome. Added custom paper at the end. Some clean up steps.


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            Re: What do you think of my first sketch?

            I missed the boat with this one sorry it's a little late.

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