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where does a total beginner start?

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  • where does a total beginner start?

    this is amazing

    I have Painter x.1 and pspx2 and a tablet

    where in the world do I start?

    something not to complicated but something where I can get some results?


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    Re: where does a total beginner start?

    Have a tablet? try placing photos under the tablet cover - trace the main lines of the subject.
    Add a layer then begin matching colors of the subject.
    The above is one way to begin "loosening" your tablet drawing skills and getting comfortable using a tablet.

    Search for royalty free stock images (people, places, etc) and after loading an image, decide on changing something -- if the image is of people/person, go for changing eye color; re-shape their eyebrows or the shape of their lips.
    When you decide to make a particular change, come here and search the tutorial section to see if there exists a tutorial for the change you are attempting and then practice the steps until you feel you can recall and do them consistently.

    As you become more comfortable doing one particular type of change[retouch] go on to a another -- then try to combine these changes on one image (eyebrow, nose and lip reshape).

    As you go, you can always post some of your work and request suggestions - you may be directed to existing tutorials or you may be regaled with all the steps explaining how to achieve a given result.

    And don't forget to experiment with tutorial steps; define your preferred method to achieve an effect, but give other processes a try, too.

    practice. practice. practice. this is the ultimate way that you will attain a level of proficiency and your work will definitely reflect that.


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      Re: where does a total beginner start?

      Hi and welcome
      sorry i cant be of much help i dont have either painter or psp but here is a link to some tuts for painter ( google lists lots of tuts for you )
      as already said practice and practice but also fiddle with all the settings see what they do and then remember them
      plus there is a wealth of knowledge here dont be afraid to ask



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        Re: where does a total beginner start?

        The place that I sarted was with the Challenges. I picked one that interested me.

        I then read through the various tutorial that I thought might help me complete the challenge.

        I expermented until I was satisfied and then I posted the result. Or I got tired of trying and moved on to another challenge. I can alway go back when/if I develope the skills needed to submit a decent effort.

        I also enjoy entering the Monthy contest.

        I found this site while searching for help in restoring old photos.


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          Re: where does a total beginner start?

          Just jump in and try any of the challenges, interpretations here. There are many examples with how-to. Everything is art and even stick figures have their own following.