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  • Action 37

    I'm not sure how this site works but I have been working on recording actions. Here is what my "Action 37" will do to any photo. It does wonders to watercolors like the elvis stamp. This was a friend of mine shooting his traditional bow.

    Best Regards, Mario

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    Re: Action 37

    This is me shooting with the same Action 37 applied to a regular color photo.



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      Re: Action 37

      ok one more close up of me holding my bow


      view the whole album here


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        Re: Action 37

        These must be the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen in my whole life...!

        It would be nice if Adobe finally started working on some, well..., dunno..., kinda "stylizing" edge filters for Photoshop CS5...!
        I'm waiting for years now...!!

        Oh, wait...

        here they are... must have overlooked them for years...

        *only joking --- sorry, couldn't resist ;-)


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          Re: Action 37

          Well if you liked those you'll love these. Not sure if your were making fun or really liked them or both. Just so everyone is clear this is a combination of several filters applied ontop of eachother in sequence each with specific thresholds. If I remove one of the steps or change things even slightly the effect is not as powerful. I tried to recreate this effect several times with slightly differant settings and it's not the same with even a slight change.

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            Re: Action 37

            I think they look very artsy, Kewl, and have quite a vibrant and crisp neon look! ..

            Just a gentle reminder of the RetouchPRO FAQs:

            Why can't I post tasteful nudes?
            This has nothing to do with prudery. I've gotten emails from schools across America and Canada telling me how valuable a resource RP is for teaching their children. This makes me very proud, and I do not want to betray that trust. In addition, RP has members from countries around the world, and not all of them have the same opinions about what is appropriate. And finally, I don't want RP to become a destination for webrats looking for hot pix.


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              Re: Action 37

              I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. I'll remove the photo but it's in the galley link at the top of this post if anyone would like to view it


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                Re: Action 37

                Welcome to RetouchPro:

                Very interesting results with your action. It looks like it is based on the Glowing Edges filter.

                I hope you will consider sharing your .atn. Just zip it and attach the zip file to another post.

                Thanks for uploading your creative artwork. I look forward to seeing more interprettions, besides the ones at your impressive website.


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                  Re: Action 37

                  Action 37 - Created by Mario Antoci in Photoshop

                  Reality is I made this by mistake and was recording so I was able to save the steps

                  Mario Antoci’s Action 37 – Basic

                  Smudge Stick

                  Stroke: 3
                  Highlight area: 3

                  Dust and Scratchs

                  Radius: 5
                  Threshold: 3

                  Glowing Edges

                  Edge width: 4
                  Edge Brightness: 13
                  Smoothness: 14

                  in that order. If you change things it doesn't have the same impact. I tried and always fall back on the original action. Maybe you guys will have better luck editing this action. I would love to see someone else apply this to their work. I love how it works on watercolor type photos. It seems to like higher resolution photos. color drawings come out really cool.