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Boxer/Pit Mix From Today

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  • Boxer/Pit Mix From Today

    What a cute guy. Hubby and I went for a walk in a local park and I knew I'd meet up with some cute dogs.

    This guys name is Jackpot. What a sweetie.

    Please nit pick away. I have tough skin.

    I'm sure there are things I can improve on. I'm not sure about the bottom where I painted over him. I know that's a more painterly way to do it, but I'm not sure mine is "right". Also, what do you normally do for the direction of light? The sun was camera right, but my canvas doesn't really show a shadow. Any comments about this are appreciated.



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    Re: Boxer/Pit Mix From Today

    Looks really nice.


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      Re: Boxer/Pit Mix From Today

      I agree looks very nice, there are those who say that you should take out the collar, but i think it looks like the dog is "owned" and would leave it in!
      As for the bottom i dont think there is a right or wrong, you are the artist so it is what you think

      just my thoughts



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        Re: Boxer/Pit Mix From Today

        I did think about taking out his collar, but since it wasn't in the photo that much I left it. I got a shot of a Great Pyrenees yesterday as well and I've started painting him this morning. He was wearing a gentle leader and I did take it out.

        Thank you all for the comments. I do appreciate it.