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Questions, Photo-art protocols

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  • Questions, Photo-art protocols

    My hard-drive's getting pretty full and I was looking for somewhere secure and reliable to store some images and free up some disk space. In particular some of the photo-art that I've done on here. I've found that burning onto CD can be a bit unpredictable with files corrupting and I'm not sure how reliable flash drives would be in the long term. So I thought that the obvious place to put them would be my Flicker account.

    I've had a look around the forum to check for any guidance on what's acceptable, but haven't found any.

    So, after the preamble, are there any forum rules on what can be done with images? Ideally I'd like to upload before and afters (ie, the original pic and whatever artworks I've produced), but I clearly don't own the copyright to the original and that puts my work in a grey area, in my mind.

    At this point I started waffling on with different scenarios of acceptable / unacceptable, but I expect you've got the idea by now: What can I do / not do with the images?

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    Re: Questions, Photo-art protocols

    Check out Amazon's S3 and Google's cloud storage. Apple is due to announce iCloud anytime now.

    Please do not upload anything here that you don't own copyright to.
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      Re: Questions, Photo-art protocols

      Flash drives are pretty reliable. Flash memory is what they used to call static ram - write to it and it locks the cell to 1 or 0, you need power to change it (or radiation).

      So long as you store them OK, they will outlast a cd.