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A couple of my paintings

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  • A couple of my paintings

    I've just recently gotten into photo paintings using corel painter and photoshop. So far I've gotten much better results with corel but it's buggyness (crashing while saving, etc) is annoying so I'm trying to use photoshop's natural brush engine to simulate the painter brushes look. So far it's a little more difficult to achieve the look in photoshop but at least the program isn't crashing and I'm not losing work! I think as I get better with the mixing brush I will achieve results closer to painter too.

    Anyway, first image in corel, 2nd in photoshop. Both are works in progress...

    Incidentally, with the 100k limit per attachment you lose much of the brush detail. Anyway to insert higher rez pix in postings?
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    Re: A couple of my paintings

    Nice. Try visiting some of Faye Sirkis' tutorials on painting. She does an excellent job with painting portraits. You are definitely headed in the right direction.


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      Re: A couple of my paintings

      i have seen some of her tutorials and work. It's nice stuff but is more or less an enhancement upon the more traditional smudge painting techniques. Maybe it's just in the low resolution images she has on the web but the portraits don't seem to have much in the way of brush strokes. Sort of like Scott Deardorff's work. I'm not saying that in any negative way. It's just another approach.

      I really like Karen Sperling's work a lot. Her stuff seems to be more from the standpoint of a standard painter in terms of feel, brush strokes, color harmony, etc.

      There are so many great artists out there!