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Corel painter x and 12 resaturation zero issue.


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  • Corel painter x and 12 resaturation zero issue.

    Hello All -

    I am new to learning painter.
    Recently I saw one video tutorial where Canvas layer(layer 1) is white, on top of canvas layer(layer 2)it is one picture. And when 3rd layer is placed on top of layer 2 with brush selected as Chunky Oil Pastel with Resaturation set to zero(0), it paints as if it is picking up the underlying colors even though the Pick up Underlying color is unchecked.
    When I tried to do the same thing on Corel Painter 12, it is not working, instead under similar situation in Corel Painter 12 it paints white color.
    I am not sure why it is happening, and I could not find out. But in Corel painter X it is working fine and not painting white color.

    Can you please explain why it is so?
    I am attaching the screenshot of tutorial using Corel Painter X, but when I try to do the same thing in Corel Painter 12, it paints white color

    Can you please help what I may be doing wrong, or is there any setting to play with to achieve the same result?

    Thank You,
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