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Creative Portraits: Words of Wisdom


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  • Creative Portraits: Words of Wisdom

    Photo by Martin Lewis courtesy of


    (Note: This is a replacement for "Full smoke ahead," which had serious quality problems. Sorry about that.)
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    PS + Impressionist + Painter 8 + Photoshop...

    * Duplicated Background 4 times
    * Top: Artistic > Dry Brush (2, 8, 1)
    * Layer 2: Impressionist > Pencil Sketch > Colored Pencil (default settings)
    * Layer 3: Impressionist > Pencil Sketch > Colored Pencil (Size > Min Width, Height, Max Width, Height: 4, 4, 12, 3)
    * Layer 4: Impressionist > Pencil Sketch > Colored Pencil (Size > Min Width, Height, Max Width, Height: 4, 4, 12, 4)
    * Background (not used)

    Hide all layer masks applied to the top three layers.
    * Layer 3: Airbrushed white on layer mask to bring in some detail
    * Layer 2: Airbrushed white on layer mask to bring in more detail
    * Top layer: Airbrushed white on layer mask to bring out eye, glasses, nose and mouth detail

    Created a new layer and Alt + Layer > Merge Visible to merge the visible layers. Applied Unsharp Mask (125, 1.5, 0) to this layer. Saved file as "1 Photoshop base".

    Duplicated image, flattened duplicate and saved as "2 Photoshop flat"

    Started Painter 8
    * Opened "2 Photoshop flat"
    * Saved as "3 Painter output"
    * Selected Blender Brush group
    * Selected Grainy Blender 10 brush
    * Blended image
    * Saved and closed Painter

    ...back to Photoshop
    * Open "3 Painter output"
    * Saved as "4 Photoshop finish up"
    * Duplicated Background
    * Applied Unsharp Mask
    * Added Hue/Saturation and Levels adjustment layers and tweaked settings
    * Added a new layer
    * Select all
    * Pressed D to set foreground/BG color swatches to default B/W
    * Edit / Stroke 2 pixel frame
    * File > Save
    * File > Save for Web (for .jpg to upload)

    - - - - - - -

    Question: "Is it really necessary to have four .psd files and maintain all the layers throughout the process?"

    A: "No. That's just my personal style. This way I have ultimate flexibility to 'go back and start over' from just about anywhere in the process in case I really hose something."

    Question: "Why the multiple layers of Impressionst Pencil Sketch > Detail Colored?"

    A: "Variety / thickness in the strokes. Varying the Size value for each application of Impressionist affects the size and shape of the strokes. In some places (like around the face, eyes, etc.) you want a lot of detail (smaller/sharper strokes). In other areas like his cape/robe, less detail is desired, so larger/less defined strokes work better here. There was nothing scientific in the settings I used for the bottom and middle layers. I just experimented with the values until I liked what I saw in the preview thumbnail."

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      Very nicely done.


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        Danny, It's amazing how you turned the photo into this realistic oil painting. Thanks for sharing all the steps.


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          Danny, just superb work.
          This way you leave us no choice but to go in the exact opposite direction!

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            Very well done Danny!
            I wonder how you ppl keep on a track on what you're doing!!!


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              Originally posted by Manjumena
              Very well done Danny!
              I wonder how you ppl keep on a track on what you're doing!!!
              Thank you Roland and Manju for your kind words. Ro, your "opposite direction" turned out great. Very nice job of fading into the background.

              re: Keeping track.
              For me, mostly by "slowing down" and labeling layers as I go in such a way that I can understand how the layer was created. I've come up with my own "code" that makes sense to me several weeks after the fact.



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                Dalai Lama

                Excellent result Danny, you put a lot into this one, well done!
                Byro - great result, very pleasing to view.


                Used levels to lighten the image.
                Duped bottom layer 3 times. Working upwards...
                L2 - Buzz
                L3 - Selected White Area/Invert. Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes/Brush Emboss - deselect
                L3 - Blend Mode/Normal/80%
                Dupe L3
                L4 - Blend Mode/Soft Light/40%
                Merge all visible.
                Selected white area again - added noise and slight blur.
                Then applied Art Media Effect again.
                Darkened outside of image.

                Thanks for the photo.

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                  First of all, I dup bckgr layer, filled with white and created a sketchy image using art history brush (rough ink at 50 opac). Then put back some of original image eg. eye and mouth area etc. Next, impr plug-in, unfortunately i dont remember which, then vp gouache, then slashed down some colors while boosting others using image -replace colors and selective colors to achieve this final effect.
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                    Old thread, but posted this for PatriciaKay.

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                      Hi Steve....
                      What can i say....this is are really quickly getting to grips with this art...I am impressed!



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                        Started out trying to do a highkey, but...

                        ...I took a left at Impressionist. lol

                        Used Danny's Pencil set: Soft Detail Brightness to finish the image off after doing a Highkey that was additionally processed by Sharp Control.
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                          Artweaver attempt.
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                            Expressive photo. Thank you Dan.

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                              Originally posted by alexmeta
                              Expressive photo. Thank you Dan.

                              alexmeta, Dan or Danny!?
                              Anyway, yours are terrific!