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Creative Portraits: Blond looking Relaxed

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  • Creative Portraits: Blond looking Relaxed

    OK. I really did try to find a handsome man for this weeks portrait pic, but no luck.

    I'm open for suggestions.

    In the mean time see what you can do with this one.

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    OK -- first I was just going to change her hair color, but then I got a bit carried away. I thought a bit of texture on her so-smooth skin would make it a bit more realistic..., and once again I got a teeny bit carried away.... with a bit of leather texture PLUS the Extrude filter. So then I decided to add a mirror frame look so that the extruded areas could be mirror pieces instead of her skin..... hmmm, but what about that skin color?
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      Curves layer to enhance.

      Posterize layer.

      Gradient Map - multi colour.

      Merge visible to new layer.

      Duplicate of background moved to top - Xero line art in sketch mode, monochrome. layer mode changed to multiply to add dark outlines to facial features.

      Way out stuff is not usually my sort of thing but trying to get more adventurous.

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        There's something about her that brings out the urge to ... be adventurous with her likeness. I think you've managed to incorporate several "Warhol-esque" versions into one image.


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          Started out with general skin tone and luminosity corrections.
          As usual divided into four luminosity ranges, did a chunky background (impr. Sumi-e) and ended up blending just about everything else (impr. chalk pastel) as screen.
          Lost the eyes along the way, so I brought them back from the original.
          Used white outlines to texture the hair and a PS Burlap canvas to hold it all together.
          (Pencil sketch also attached - takes 10 seconds to run the action, sometimes it works!)

          Are you having as much fun as I am? Hope so!
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            Great rendition CJ.

            Ro yours is fantastic, the pencil sketch really worked well on this one.



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              Thanks Christine.
              I was following your "way-out" tracks and got sort of side tracked...
              I have some gradient maps that I use for other purposes and combined three of them to get something new...
              Hey, you make it look like I'm coloring inside the lines.

              There's something about her that brings out the urge to ... be adventurous with her likeness.
              Uh,huh, adventurous.... now where's that good-looking dude??
              Just kidding ladies.

              Have fun,
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                just fooling around

                Everyone else went for elegant. I wanted something different. My object was to make a high key, abstracted version of the model, sort of cartooned but not really. I supposed if I pushed it a little further, I would have crosshatched the lines; but I didn't. So here she sits...errrrr...reclines in her glory.

                Having fun here folks,

                P.S. I did not change the saturation once the cartooning began. I left the skin yellow on purpose for effect.

                This pic just seemed to shout at me for another go. This time I chose to turn her upright as if the wind was blowing or she was brushing the hair out of her face. I also made some other subtle changes just for grins.

                I sure enjoy this forum.
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                  Originally posted by Janet Petty
                  So here she sits...errrrr...reclines in her glory.
                  Hi, Janet. That came out nice, now she's blond all over..
                  Thanks for posting the layers. Don't know about you, but after I started doing that, I found I was getting more organized in my work ('cuz somebody's going to be reading the stuff later)
                  Just a tip, if you save and post the layer palette as a GIF file, it's quicker and the download more readable.



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                    Here's another watercolor effort using Trimoon's Watercolor Preset Brush. Added Dave's Simplifier action to smooth out a little more and to soften focus.

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                      Been remembering stuff I did at school....
                      Aimed for a sort of pen and wash that I did then - blue washable ink!

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                        "The Blonde on one elbow" spoke to me about my "teal version", and I decided that she deserves a more straight-forward image. So here's a color illustration - usual abstract outline method (Add Gaussian blur to top of 2 unsaturated layers [top copy inverted] set to Color Dodge layer blend to elicit outline), then multiplied duped layers of result to add to effect, place copy of resulting image over copy of original with layer blend set to Vivid Light -- run Graphic Pen on original copy. Bring copy of original above this result with layer blend set to Hard Light and another copy of original above that layer with layer blend set to color to correct skin tone.
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                          I realized it had been weeks since I've done any photo art and decided I deserved a play session.

                          1. selected the eyes and mouth and ran USM
                          2. inverted selection and ran a little buzz
                          3. virtual painter--air brush
                          4. lucis art exposure to bring back the eyes
                          5. played around a little with nik midnight and virtual photographer (lots of fading) to fine tune.
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                            Selected face and arm: PS Artistic: Cutout: 8/0/2
                            Inverted selection: PS Artistic: Cutout: 4/0/2
                            With inverted selection: Exclusion
                            With inverted selection: Intellihance Pro 4: Vivid Enhance.

                            Nice reditions by all. Keep 'em comin!

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                              Thanks for the lovely photo Danny! Wonderful submissions, each one as inspirational as the next - a joy to view! A pleasant diversion whilst I redo a restoration.


                              Without knowing where I was headed....

                              Copied the image.
                              2nd image - Split RGB. Retained the blue.
                              Added a new layer and filled with a "Cafe" gradient.
                              Layer Blend Mode - Col (L) - Merged.
                              Copied and pasted 2nd image and added as a new
                              layer to the original photo. Mode/Screen/Merged both layers.
                              (I was pleasantly surprised by this "brighter" result...)

                              Smudged her hair a lot.
                              psp/Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes/Water Colour
                              Layer Mode/Luminance (L) 68%
                              Merged both layers.
                              Darkened the outside edge
                              (i.e. Media Spark Filters/Darken Edges)

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