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Creative Portraits: Kids, Mason

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  • Creative Portraits: Kids, Mason

    This adorable 18-month old is Mason, who is the grandson of a friend of member Legacy~Art.

    Let's see what you can do with one, the other or both pics of this handsome lad.


    p.s. Thanks, LA, for submitting these.
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    I Love Mason...

    As he is my friends grandson...I just love looking at this kid he as such a sweet little personality...

    I did this in PSP.v9 only cos i have not learnt how to do paintings in photoshop, and this is done with a script called softpaint...

    PSP Script in v8 & v9 are the same as the Actions in Photoshop.
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      Roll up roll up...

      Oil Painting in Photoshop well i am learning slowly i just need to learn how to make an Action so i can do this again...

      Come on Ladies and Gentlemen i am relying on you to show me how its done!

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        what a gorgeous baby...

        ...and wonderful photos! thanks

        1) simplified, made 1 copy
        2) lower: imp->charcoal->default, brush 25%, bg-image, lower colour jitter
        3) upper: imp->chalk sketch->colourful, brush 33%, bg-image, lower colour jitter, blend-soft light
        4) pasted to new layer (ctrl-alt-shift-N+E), made 2 copies
        5) lowest: imp->chalk sketch->half-finished, brush 50%, coverage ~90%, bg-image
        6) middle: blend-colour
        7) top: blend-overlay, desaturate, added mask (hide all), used to add here and there few details

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          A photoshop oil portrait as requested


          Here's another variant of my basic oil painting mimic done in Elements 2. (This is just a weak subset of photoshop, so it translates directly). I posted a simple tutorial on this technique here. You can also check my verison of the English Gentleman for probably the best I've gotten this to work on a portrait. (I think it works well on landscapes, at least on lush landscapes. Portraits I've found to be very tricky. I guess I still have yet to try it on a still life.)

          Anyway for Mason, here's what I did (hope you like it).

          Color corrected the original a bit. Called this layer BG.
          A: Copy BG. GBlur 2. Filter>Artistic>Sponge
          B: Copy A. Filter>Artistic>Fresco. Opacity to 20%
          C: MergeVisible (A,B). Ran SmartBlur and masked all but the skin areas
          D: MergeVisible (A,B,C). Filter>Artistic>DryBrush.
          E: Copied D to a new file. Increased ImageSize to 1500 px wide (a new twist)
          Filter>Artistic> RoughPastels. Rotate 30 deg. Left. Filter>Artistic>RoughPastels. Rotate 30 Right. Select transparancy added to the canvas. Invert selection. Crop. Resize image back to 595 px wide. Copy this layer to the original File as layer E.
          F: Copy BG. HighPass 1.5, GBlur 0.3 LinearLight 69%. Masked this layer and use a white brush on the mask to bring back some details in the face and hands.
          G: MergeVisible(E,G). Unsharpmask. You could add some canvas texture too if desired.

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            After saying goodbye today to my grandson Mason, I just couldn't resist this little charmer!

            Basically smudged entire image except the shirt. Had a brushstroked bg originally and then decided to erase gradually instead.
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              Thank you!

              SWEngineer (Mark) That is just lovely...I shall look into the tutorials and see what i can come up with thank you for your help...its really appreciated.

              Arhhh Neve how clever...Sounds easy enough (ahem) so i shall give that a try...I love the way its turned out...

              But being Biase i love looking at him hes a special kind of charming!



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                Here's my detailed water color

                What an adorable kid!
                I duped the BG.
                Stealing JustChecking's idea, I converted to LAB.
                Loaded Lightness channel as selection and saved it as a new channel.
                converted back to RGB.
                With Lightness channel still loaded as selection, run Impressionist: Pencil Sketch: Soft Detailed.
                Invert selection, Run same filter, Fade to lower Opacity.
                Load image as new selection.
                Run Impressionist: Watercolor: Soft Water Sketch.
                Fade to Darken.
                Invert selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                Load red channel as selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                Invert selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                Load green channel as selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                invert selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                Load blue channel as selection, Run same filter, Fade to Darken.
                invert selection, Run same filter, Fade to Overlay.
                Select all, Shrink selection to 95%, Invert selection.
                feather by 5 px, fill with white.
                feather by 15 px, fill with white.
                Run PS:Texture:Texturizer - Sandstone, 97, 3, Bottom Left.

                That's all folks!
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                  I went for just the coloured drawing look on this one.

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                    great shots

                    I have never replied to anything on this site yet, but I thought I would give this a try.
                    At first I did not realize this was a section for oils and watercolours - mine is nither, but I'm posting it anyway.
                    My first attempt was to combine both pictures.
                    1. did a vignette on both feathering about 45
                    2. rotated and copied the side view onto the frontal view.
                    3. erased any interferance between the the two views so that the faces were clear.
                    4. reduced the opacity of the frontal view slightly
                    5. merged and did another slight vignette.
                    Thinking I was done I went to post my work and discovered this was an area for watercolour and oil portraits. I quickly did a sketch of the picture
                    1. Image/Adjust/desaturate
                    2. duplicate the background layer
                    3. Image/Adjust/invert
                    4. change to clour dodge your picture will be white don't panic
                    5. Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur
                    6. Adjust the slider to your liking
                    7. erase any busy background marks and facial marks
                    8. crop
                    That is all the time I had, hopefully my thumbnail will work


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                      Originally posted by Karyn
                      ..At first I did not realize this was a section for oils and watercolours
                      On my screen the title also looks like "Oils, Watercolors" but in fact the full title is "Turning Portraits into Digital Sketches, Oils, Watercolors" so actually your Digital Sketch is bang on!!
                      But as you'll quickly discover a good post is always welcome anywhere.

                      Nice post, too. Good idea to combine the photos.



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                        Glikster That is adorable too, did you work in photoshop to achieve that...I really need to understand all these filters etc...Great detail!

                        Christine thats adorable, isn't he a perfect little model...?

                        Karyn welcome to the joys of this wonderful forum...I adore your picture...combining two pictures that is just perfectly done!

                        Keep them coming girl!


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                          Legacy Art...

                          Thank you!
                          Yes, it was in Photochop CS with the Impressionist plugin. I am consistently more and more impressed with that plugin. It is much more talented than I am.


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                            glikster - I have just shown his grandmother and she is so pleased, so thank you! to you and everyone else...


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                              my pleasure!

                              You're very welcome!
                              And I suppose it's a coincidence, but I finally got booted up to Member from Junior Member! Yay me!