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Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching


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    Canvas Prints UK, Canvas Pictures and Photo transformation services. Leading UK supplier of PREMIUM quality digital art for affordable prices. Next generation online photo editing tool. Canvas, Perspex or even Wood (artbox).
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  • Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching

    The purpose of this thread is to post links to companies that provide printing (including printing on canvas or other specialty papers) and framing services.

    By all means add to this thread if you have recommandations or make your own discoveries.
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      UK-Vistaprint: Get FREE business cards here...
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        Bair Art Editions

        Informative and well written tutorials:

        I found the discussion about different watercolor and canvas paper types and characteristics to be very informative.

        = = = = = = =

        Big Digital Prints

        This is the "economy," no frills division of Bair Art Editions above.

        = = = = = = =

        calypsoinc (good info on pricing):

        = = = = = = =

        Digital Precision Imaging:

        = = = = = = =

        From Photo to Canvas Prints:
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          Western Australia

          After visiting one of this photographer's galleries.......

          last week and asking where his prints and canvases were printed I was, at last, delighted to discover a source finally in Western Australia. A PDF price list is available upon request.


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            We do fine art giclee printing! :-)

            Hello everyone!

            Just found this forum site and LOVE what I see!

            We are a small, family-owned business in Massachusetts. What we lack in size we make up in quality, dedication and service. Being experienced (and working) digital photographers (fully understanding the costs and frustrations that can arise with dealing with printing services), we started investing in the highest quality equipment on which to print our digital images. When other artists and photographers began commenting on the exceptional quality of our prints, we decided to offer fine art giclee printing services and have been stunned at the response. (I guess alot of you have experienced the same frustrations??)

            Anyways, you can read up on us and our printing services on our website (click on the link at the top right for the printing services):


            In a nutshell, we use a fully color calibrated system and print using RIP software on Epson wide-format inkjet printers (can print 43" wide by virtually any length). The Ultrachrome pigmented inks are rated 80-100 years longevity. We stock all kinds of media from photo papers to fine art papers to PremierArt Water Resistant Canvas.

            We STILL get excited seeing new work come out of the printer and love working one-on-one with artists. So much talent out there!

            I hope this post isn't inappropriate. This thread asked where one could find fine art printing services so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post.

            Take care -

            Tracy Milkay
            Milkay Photography


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              Originally posted by JTPhoto
              I hope this post isn't inappropriate.
              No problems, Tracy. Just what I was hoping for.

              Besides having gobs of fun here at RetouchPRO, hope you guys get a little business from some of our members.



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                A feature I like about this site is the ability to upload your image and see how it will look in the frame/matte BEFORE you buy.


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                  Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching



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                    Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching

                    Welcome and thanks fir the link, Fuzquia...

                    A while back I got very favorable results with a "print on canvas" order from They have numerous offerings including canvas stretched on a frame. I have had them do numerous print orders (including black and white and a 30"x24" print, which turned out great) and highly recommend their service.



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                      Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching

                      Hi All.I have an Epson Pro 4000 printer which is a smaller version of what Jtphoto is using.I can print max 17" wide.I am based in Cape Town SA which may be somewhat out of the mainstream but if there are members in my neck o' the woods then please pop me some mail.


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                        Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, Stretching

                        Hey DannyRaphael, thanks for the welcome!

                        So refreshing to find a site like this with so many from opposite sides of the world with the same interests!

                        Great, look forward to being a part of it...


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                          Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, St

                 free ground shipping and you would have to stretch the canvas yourself for bars If I cant find the size local I use


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                            Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, St

                            Originally posted by Xrider View Post
                   free ground shipping and you would have to stretch the canvas yourself for bars If I cant find the size local I use
                            Appreciate the links... it's always nice to get recommendations like these.

                            Keep 'em coming.


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                              Re: Printing, Frame, Framing, Canvas, Mounting, St

                              I recently had a photo printed on canvas 20x30 by ezprints ( The quality of the print was excellent, but I had definite problems with quality control. The canvas was creased at reception. They willingly reprinted the canvas upon reception of the defective original. The second print delivered was someone elses...thus we had to go for print three. Needless to say I made no money on this endeavor and ended up selling at cost. Hopefully this is experience was not the norm since I did like the end result.
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