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    I should know how to do this and I probably do, but my head is spinning! I'm more than half done with the glamour challenge, but I can't figure out how to make a seperate file of my mask. Somebody needs to walk me through it!


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    If it's a layer mask, simply alt-click on the mask to bring it up into your view window and save for web.
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      So we actually send in two seperate files to you? Or one tiff with the mask contained in it? I was wondering that too. Thanks for being brave and asking Ed.


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        This is an alpha channel. With Photoshop 5 there is no option to save for web. Am I out of luck?



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          Two jpg files. Look at the current entries. They submitted them as specified.

          For those lacking "save for web" in earlier PS versions or non-PS programs, simply "save as..." a jpg file.
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