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  • Helo with Gradient Mask

    Can some one post information on applying a gradient mask to a photo. I would like an explaination that would read easy for someone still new to using photoshop please.

    I think I remember Gary posting some information on this before but could not find it in a search .Thanks Neb

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    Do you mean gradient map?


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      AH...I though it was Mask Nancy..But maybe it is Map. Can you explain that please?


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        Hi Neb,
        Nancy is not on line so I will take a stab at answering your question.
        Please examine one of the gradients in the gradient tool. You will notice several of the gradients are just black and white with a gradual transition from one to another. Very often you will find folks will apply this type of gradient to a mask to allow for the mask to transition very gradually across an image. An example of where this is useful would be layering a high contrast sunset shot on top of itself to darken the sky which may be too bright or to brighten the foreground.
        A gradient map is somewhat different. Please look at one of the gradients which has many colors. As a gradient map, each position or color on the gradient represents a different value on the scale of 0 to 255. If you apply the graient as a gradient map to an image (either Image > Adjust > Gradient Map or add a Gradient Map layer), them PS maps each color on the gradient to the lightness values of pixels in the image. This can create some interesting effects and is also useful for colorizing B&W images.
        Regards, Murray


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          Hi Neb,

          What exactly are you trying to achieve?

          A gradient mask is a mask that gradually fades from white to black, and therefore gradually reveals an effect on the layer it's attached to.

          They are created by using the Gradient Tool on a layer mask, and as such can be linear, radial etc. (as determined by the gradient tool settings).

          I use them mostly when evening out an exposure that may not be equal across an image, but they can be used for other purposes.

          If you let me know how you're wanting to use one, I'll try to give you some clear instructions.


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