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When to save selections

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  • When to save selections

    If making a selection takes more than a minute, SAVE IT!
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    or for tv

    also save a selection if you want to key something for television. it has to have an alpha channel


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      Name it!

      As in all the work that you put your time into, don't forget to name everything you create!

      I speak for myself, when creating a new selection (or layer, or whatever) I tend to keep the default name (layer 1 copy, etc... ) as a result, sometimes after creating a number of selections and layers I spend more time finding out what they're all about than working with them...


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      • LeAnne
        help with selections in photoshop
        by LeAnne
        I'm using the select > modify > border tool in photoshop CS and I find that no matter what I do, my border selection comes out feathered. I can't get hard lines. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it? This is driving me nuts!!!

        03-22-2005, 10:00 AM
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        Creative challenge 003: Sunflower/Mask from a Channel
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        Image source:
        * YOUR CHOICE - pick one from your own collection.

        The point of all this:
        * Illustrate how black and white relate to selections and masks.
        * Using a Threshold adjustment layer to render a BW image.
        * Creating a selection from a channel
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        using manetic lassoo tool
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        when i use the magnetic lasoo tool to cut something out, and i have the picture enlarged, how can i move the picture around,without deselecting my lasoo ?
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        I have a few backgrounds that I have obtained over the years and would like to produce some new ones. I have place an example of one that I use on this page:
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        I have played around...
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      • Ed_L
        Don't feather selections
        by Ed_L
        When you make a selection, don't feather it. Save it as an alpha channel. From there you can dulicate the alpha channel, then run it through blur, blur more, or gaussian blur for a softer edge. Don't delete the original alpha channel in case you want to modify it further. The selection can be edited...
        05-20-2002, 08:47 AM