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Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

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  • Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

    I created this as a gift for my nephew, who is an avid SpongBob fan.

    I took the picture of him during a sleepover while he was playing in my pool, using a telephoto lens from very far away, so he didn't see me do it.

    I used Illustrator to draw SpongeBob, the background is captured from one of my several SpongeBob DVDs. (I'm a big SpongeBob fan too!)

    The other fish are just clipart.

    Compositing, light ripples, and cast shadows were done in Photoshop.

    When I gave him the poster he immediately started telling the tale of his vacation and how he stayed at the house to SpongeBob's right and that Patrick took the picture.

    Needless to say, the poster now hangs proudly in his bedroom!


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    Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

    He must be thrilled!

    Good work


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      Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

      I like it , nice work.


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        Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

        Wonderful, Michael. I know he loves it.


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          Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

          Marvelous poster, Michael - great gift for your nephew.



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            Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

            Nice one Michael, brought a smile to my face, bet it did the same for your Nephew too.


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              Re: Matthew's vacation at BikiniBottom

              Thank you all for your comments!

              Now I have to think of a way to top it.

              Sometimes it's not easy to be Uncle Awesome.

              But I gladly embrace my avuncular destiny!




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