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13 Photoshop Selection Tips

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  • 13 Photoshop Selection Tips

    Photoshop Selection Tips:

    To smooth out selection edges –
    Draw out your selection using the Lasso tool then , press ‘Q’ to enter the Quick Mask mode and then go to Filter>Noise>Median. Adjust the Radius to smooth out the edges. When you’re done just press “Q” to exit the quick mask mode.

    To change the select similar tolerance –
    Change the tolerance on the magic wand tool to change the tolerance on the select similar command since it’s tolerance levels are based on the magic wand setting.

    To select colors next to similar colors –
    Add an Adjustment Layer ( Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation) to exaggerate the colors. If that’s not enough, use Curves to raise the contrast. After you’re done, throw the Adjustment Layer away.

    To hide those pesty marching ants –
    Just press control / command – h

    To make a straight line with the lasso tool –
    Just hold down the Alt / Option key

    To change the lasso tool while in use –
    Press the Alt / Option key then release the mouse button as you use the Lasso tool. It will change it into the Polygonal Lasso, or change the Polygon Lasso to the Freehand Lasso, for as long as you keep the modifier key pressed.

    To adjust a circle selection –
    Try using the Transform Selection command to make adjustments easier.

    To put a straight edge on a mask –
    Use the Line tool to draw a single pixel line. It will appear in the mask color as long as you are in quick mask mode when you draw it.

    To set a fixed percent with the marquee tool –
    Cange the style to Fixed Size and you can then input 50% in the Width and Height boxes. You're selection will now be exactly 50% of your image.

    To expand a mask –
    Do a levels adjustment on the mask. As you move the left slider towards the center, the mask expands. This is a good method to use to fine tune the mask when it doesn't quite have the clean look you’re looking for.

    To move your image while making a mask –
    Just hold down the space bar and the cursor will become the hand tool. When you release the spacebar your selection will pick up where you left off.

    To control where you paste an item –
    Make a small selection where you want it to be, and paste or hit control / command – v.

    To instantly access selection commands –
    Control / command - right click in your selected area.
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    I've seen all of these quick tips in various other places but not all put together in one place. This is a big help for someone like me who seems to be keyboard shortcut impaired. Now where did I put that list I just printed out? Thanks for putting this in an easy to use form.


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      Thanks for summarizing selection tips. I formatted them to fit on one page . Will find this very useful.


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        Thanks for the tips


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          Thanks -
          Now I need Part 2 that tells me what to use the TIPS for -
          : )


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            * To select colors next to similar colors*

            I really like this idea. Creating selections can be the most crippling thing to do in Photoshop sometimes....thanks for posting this....