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  • Cider Label

    Iv been asked to make 4 cider labels for a vineyard on the iow,to be sent away & printed on a roll professionally.Size 210mm x 85mm.
    Could someone tell me the best format & resolution,for whatever commercial printer they send them off to.
    Im useing PSCS3.
    thanks very much for return reply`s.

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    Re: Cider Label


    Your very BEST bet is to creat the labels in Illustrator as vector graphics using PMS spot colors. This will provide more versitility for future use, accurate color separations and scalability. They can always be opened in Photoshop as a Smart Object when needed.

    You need to know if the labels will be printed in 4 color process inks (CMYK) or printed via offset method(s) (PMS Spot colors)

    Think down the road for both you and your customer and other possible uses for the labels such as T-shirts, tote bags, merchandise bags, bottle openers etc. Creating the labels as vector graphics to start with will save you and your customer time and money down the road if they ever want to change the size or color requirements to print on something else.

    Also, go easy on using gradients in the design. These are sometimes impossible to print on silk screen, embroidered or die stamp goods. They often do not reproduce well in print such as newsprint.

    Do generate a one color version of their logo for times when they cannot print in multiple colors or they don't want to spend a whole lot of money on additional colors (such as packing slips, invoices, etc.)

    I've been in the business for 25 years and trust me when I say, "start with vector and PMS spot colors"


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      Re: Cider Label

      thanks very much 4 your reply Swampy.


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        Re: Cider Label

        Hi there,

        I tried this starting with vector and PMS spot colors, it worked fine.


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