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Mr. Jim's Basic Channel Masking

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  • Ed_L
    Ah, finally got the chance to try Jim's tutorial. It worked real sweet! If anyone's having a problem with hair, I suggest you try it. The one I worked on was a little different from the one shown in the tutorial, so I made some minor changes. I wound up using the red channel instead of the blue because the blue channel made everything kind of blend together. The red channel gave me what I needed. The hair in the mask became white, so the alpha channel needed to be inverted. Thanks again Jim - it's a keeper.


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  • Ed_L
    started a topic Mr. Jim's Basic Channel Masking

    Mr. Jim's Basic Channel Masking

    Hi Jim,

    I thought that tutorial was great. It got printed out right away for safe keeping. Admittedly, I haven't checked out all the tutorials (I know I should have by now), but it's time to do that. Thanks very much for making it available for us.


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