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Creating backdrops backgrounds

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  • Creating backdrops backgrounds

    Hi guys, really sorry for adding this thread if the answer already exists.

    I've tried to search many thing like "create background", "backdrops backgrounds", etc etc. I found some things, but not quite helpful for me. I am not interested in taking a portrait and put it with a sea image behind. I am interested in creating nice art. So please be forgiveness with me that I give up searching the answer on the existing threads.

    Here is the thing: I first saw these kind of backgrounds on Roge (Egor) website:

    Some examples:
    etc etc etc you've got the idea.

    Now, I suppose that the steps are:
    1. Take the foto with what you have at disposal (in my case, having a white wall behind)
    2. Retouch the portrait itself (skin, eyes, clothes, everything)
    3. Move this portrait into a suggestive background (again, I really like the soft ones like from, not watter bubbles or other things).

    So please first, confirm me that these are the steps necessary to have a similar output of work.

    Second, I know a lot of things about retouching the portrait, I am interested in tutorials, information, anything related to point number 3: how to generate those nice backgrounds.

    Finally, I am attaching to you some of my work which doesn't need or need these backgrounds:

    God bless you and thank you in advance for your patience reading my post

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    Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

    Just an idea.
    Dupe the background, apply motion blur at maximum, mirror it. mask out the figures. Tweak the colours with hue and sat to taste adjust levels etc. you may have to add noise to remove any banding because of the blurring.
    This one took me only a few minutes, the masking is not perfect but its only an example. I also tweaked the figures to add a little texture back, the shirt was looking a little blown out to me.

    hope this helps

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      Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

      you can find a tutorial about that.


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        Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

        Just a thought, and I would need some time to come up with a step by step instructions, but create a solid color layer with what ever color you would want. Then go to render lighting effects to creat a "hot spot" where your background light would normally be. After that, add some noise to make it look fake. To do this easily, create a new blank layer, fill it with 50% grey. Set blend mode to soft light, then go to filter noise, and noise. Play around with the settings to get something that fits. Then bring in your subject on a new layer. Apply a layer mask, and mask out the original background, leaving you with just the subject.

        I haven't actually done this, so I'm not entirely sure it will work, but at least this is how I would go about attempting it.
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          Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

          An easy way to make backdrops is to paint with a 'grunge' style brush. I didn't take much time with this one, but one can obtain really wonderful results using this method.
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            Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

            search for digital anarchy backdrop designer, it's really usefull.


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              Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

              Originally posted by BillFrey View Post
              An easy way to make backdrops is to paint with a 'grunge' style brush. I didn't take much time with this one, but one can obtain really wonderful results using this method.
              That is the best looking backdrop I have seen yet. Can you explain step-by-step how you made this one?


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                Re: Creating backdrops backgrounds

                Thanks, artur.gajewski

                Using the brush presets will produce an infinite number of variations. Each grunge brush will produce a different look also.

                Keep in mind that you can add change just one backdrop by adding adjustment layers. eg. levels, hue/sat, curves. Also sharpen, blur, grain, noise, texture, etc.
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