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  • Proportion basics tutorials


    I want some theorical ideas about making collages, changing backgorounds, and combining two or more images, two or more persons or any combination of two or more objects in photos.

    As we can decide it with our visual ideas, but it will very much helpful if have any tutorial which guide us theorically to teach us for making proportional combination of objects in photos. So photo looks real not computerized.

    I'm looking for the basics of it. If anybody have links, ideas then post it.



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    Re: Proportion basics tutorials

    What you are asking for, covers quite a range of topics. Everything from basic selection techniques, to studies in perspective, color, and light. Without any idea of what you experiance level is, and what tool you are working with, it's diffacult to know what you are looking for. I would suggest that you start by exploring the various posts and tutorials on this site, and when you have specific questions post that.


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      Re: Proportion basics tutorials

      Found a good tutorial for you: it's called "how to cheat in photoshop" and is pretty much all about comping stuff together.



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        Re: Proportion basics tutorials


        this book can be useful for me, I'll try it.

        If u have any other link I will also want to read all of them.

        thanks again.


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          Re: Proportion basics tutorials

          Yes, that is a really good book, and I highly recommend it. In addition, the author runs a web site for his readers where you can ask questions, and participate in challenges, and he gives you feedback on how you are doing.


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