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Where can I find Stock photos?

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  • Where can I find Stock photos?

    A couple times in couple threads noticed Greg refers to Can someone tell me how to find the things in there that one can find. All I see is pictures for sale and probably don't know how to use the site. And, is there a site that has 'stock' photos of normal stuff, not for sale - just different photos for whatever parts, etc.?

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    The only thing I can really suggest about this is to do a search.

    Of course, you technically are not allowed to use any photos in a commercial composition unless they are free for commercial use. Some people will have free stock for non-commercial use, but free photos for commercial use are hard to find. A google search would be the best idea, but don't forget to read the fine print. I see many people who use whatever photo they find on the internet in their compositions. But if you want to play by the rules (and avoid potential lawsuit) you are probably going to have to pay.

    If it is just for your own practice purposes, then it is easier to find legally acceptable photos.

    If you are just looking for parts, I would suggest buying an inexpensive stock photo CD.


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      Didn't know they made stock CD's like say they do of clip art. Will look for one and also start a thread on site inquiries.


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        'Stock' photos

        Does anyone know where one can find just ordinary 'stock' photos - not the for sale gorgeous backgrounds etc. Like right now I could use an old "semi-trailer bumper" that got all messed up under years of scotch tape. Or sometimes an eyeball would be nice be might be able to find in some old pics I have. But what about just backyard tree settings, nothing fancy like professional backgrounds. Just plain ole photo's that people don't mind sharing?


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          Hi Gail,

          You might want to look into Hemera Photo objects. They don't have pretty backgrounds like you mentioned but 50,000 different objects. They have a trial version on their website where you can try out a few. I use it all the time for manipulation projects that I do.

          I print projects at 8 x 10 at 300 dpi and they look very good. If you go to the gallery, I just posted a project called Riceburner and on that both the frying pan, rice, and hand all came from this program.

          You may want to check it out - Carl


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            Gail, check out the other area you posted this question. I just replied to your post with something that may be of some help- Carl


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              Thanks Carl - I got lost and am trying to locate other posting.


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                Thanks for the tips - will do. Also - A couple times in couple threads noticed Greg refers to Can someone tell me how to find the things in there that one can find.


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                  Gail, I asked Doug to combine the other thread with this one - so the two threads are merged now. You won't find the other one any more.



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                    From what I can see, is simply a forum for sharing photos with others. It is not a stock photo organization. It is not necessarily for sharing as in "trade", but sharing as in allowing the photos to be viewed over the internet - for people you know or anyone you want to view your photo album.

                    On the home page you can do a search, but from what I can tell, all of these photos are in albums that belong to people, not free for the taking.


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                      stock photography

                      Another thing I forgot to address,

                      Yes, there are stock photo CD's like there are clipart. You can buy them sometimes at your local office supply store, or for the best quality images, you can spend upwards of $400 for a cd. Corbis, Photodisc and others all offer CD's but there are many places who have lesser quality images for less money.

                      One option is, here you can get money for each photo you share, or you can just purchase download credits for .25 a piece.
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                        Good ideas – I’ll try to see what I can find at the istockphoto place. Also put a note out to Hemera to see if they do have any more realistic stock photos…vs. professional stuff and/or clip art type things. Will also do another search. Should be able to find something somewhere. Thanks for all the ideas.


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                          stock images

                          Hi Gail you can find free images at: Http://

                          hope this helps I use them quite a lot


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                            Thanks Don
                            I have been looking for something like that also.


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                              Example search

                              Nice picture DJ (of you) Thanks Don - I did as others suggested and searched google and went through scads of sites - free ones at that and ran across the one you suggested. I saved the sites in my favorites and can't recall where I found this vintage fire truck - but am attaching my project, what I did with it and all can see what is left to do. The problem seems to be that I don't think my equipment will do the revolving and restructuring that the ones on TV do so I can't get a front-on pic of the truck bumper - let alone see how it should be from the original. Many sites don't even have 'trucks'. I know lots of you can see better than I can - or are artists or whatever or however it is you see these things - so I am open for suggestions. I know it was a real mess to start with and I did do a lot of work, but to get stuck now is feeling pretty silly. I think I can only attach one pic at a time, so here is the orig.
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