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  • Tokyo Soul

    My latest creation, used a number of displacement maps with this one, hope you all much appreciated.

    Original Photograph taken by James Beasley 2002.
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    Re: Tokyo Soul

    Thanks to all those that posted some feedback.


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      Re: Tokyo Soul

      hi morpheus,

      quite colorful. a bit 'busy', though. one tends to lose the original subject in all the rest that's been added. had you used your additions more to frame her rather than cover and alter her, i think i'd like it a bit more. for instance, i like what you did to the left of her (though, not to the arm), and i like the curves below her and some of the stuff to the right, but dont really like much where you've altered her actual body. i'd also have been tempted to draw in her abdomen a bit.


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        Re: Tokyo Soul

        thanks for the response.


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