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  • Mask Pro 2.0

    Hello All,

    I retouch photos quite a bit now. I am wondering
    if someone could give me some info. on Extensis
    Mask Pro 2.0.

    Should it be bought, or do the new tools in 6.0
    and 7.0 make it obsolete?


    Kenneth S. Coxie
    Junior Member
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    Hi Ken:

    Haven't used Mask Pro specifically. Have Knockout 2 in my collection. Even though I do quite a bit of mucking around with photos, I use KO very seldom. Other techniques work as well as (or sometimes better) for me.

    Is a trial / demo version available from Extensis? If so, I'd sure give it a road test.

    That said... If you do decide that Mask Pro is for you and you're not in a big hurry to get it, I see legit (and current) versions of it on show up at eBay from time-to-time [none at the moment, however] that ultimately sell at a fraction of retail.

    Not everybody is familiar (or comfortable) with eBay, so if you have questions, send me personal mail (PM - see link below) and I'll be glad to help.



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      I have it and maybe it's because I haven't really learned all the fine points of it since I've only had it a couple months, but I really don't think it does all that much better than the extract tool in PS. Certainly not for the price of $200. It's supposed to be pretty good but like I said I couldn't get it to perform miracles.


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