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  • Gradient tool:angle gradient

    Like everyone else, I use the gradient tool all the time with layers' masks, and find it absolutely invaluable. There is one of its settings though that I can't understand at all - it's the third one along - the "angle gradient".

    I am really curious as to how and why one would use this setting, and wondered if anyone could kindly explain it to me.... It seems so strange!

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    Re: Gradient tool:angle gradient

    I did not know there was such a thing until you asked the question. So I tried it out in CS4 and found this in the help Menu. "Angle gradient
    Shades in a counterclockwise sweep around the starting point." And that is what it does. I guess I'll leave it to others to figure out why one would want to use it.


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      Re: Gradient tool:angle gradient

      Duh, I never thought of checking the help menu, so thank you very much for that Phil...

      I'm just wondering if it's got some fantastic application that I haven't thought of


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