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  • Quick Mask Selections

    I hope someone can help me with this problem. Why, when I create a selection using a quick mask, and then copy the selection to a new layer it always has transparency even though everything is set to 100% opacity. Using any other means of creating a selection and copying to a new layer works fine.

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    No need to reply on this one I found the answer. I was painting onthe mask with what I thought was pure black, but instead it was just a shade lighter. I noticed when I enabled quick mask the foreground color changed just slightly lighter. After putting it back to black it worked fine.


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      Appreciate the follow-up, Ken.

      I was about to post a reply that would have been completely useless!

      Glad you got it figured out.


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        You not only found the answer yourself but you helped others who may have had the same problem. Good one Ken. Glad you solved it for us.


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