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Droste Effect with Mathematica

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  • Droste Effect with Mathematica

    I can't do this (at least not this way) and can't even afford the software, but it is still seriously cool:
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    Re: Droste Effect with Mathematica

    Neither could I do this but I did find this ages ago.
    Sorry its an SWF file so had to zip it, but it should open in a browser to see it.
    Quite hypnotic.
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      Re: Droste Effect with Mathematica

      Mathmap (a GIMP plugin) can do Droste. Also, I wonder if it has been ported in a format that the free Mathmatica player could be used (yes; play with it from time to time too). May do some search on the main site later.


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        Re: Droste Effect with Mathematica

        I think you could do this pretty easily using FilterMeister (plug-in builder that looks a lot like C++ language).
        But then again I usually think everything is easy - until I have to do it!


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          Re: Droste Effect with Mathematica

          I'm not, but if you are willing to pay some dough, you can get this cool utility from Mediachance that can do this too.


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