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Including handwritten notes with photos

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  • Including handwritten notes with photos

    To be truly meaningful to future family members, I want to include the handwritten notes from the backs of several family photos (most are from 40 to 75 years old).

    Additionally, other photos without such notes would benefit by inclusion of captions which provide information (like date, people's names, locations.

    That is - all of the above add-ons should appear "magazine style" and probably in full-page format in a planned "family history" photo album.

    Any scrap bookers out there have any recommendations as to which photo album service (U.S.) would provide finished albums with photos large enough on the page to be authentic-looking and easily read? What size, generally, should the photos be printed?

    Sample (example) of what I mean is at my Photobucket archive here:

    Related question: it's been my observation that many true museum photos are not "fully restored" - they "leave" the yellowing and some non-obscuring stains, etc. for authenticity sake. It would seem to lend greater authenticity as opposed to doing a full restoration to "original" or "pristine" condition, except of course for those situations where that might be desirable to individuals. Am I right about this?

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    Re: Including handwritten notes with photos

    I have read many positive comments on blurb ( ) on several other photograhy forums I belong to. I personally have not used them yet, but will be shortly to create a family photo album with all the picture I got at the passing of my parents.

    I hope this helps.



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