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TIP: luminosity mask for individual RGB channels

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  • TIP: luminosity mask for individual RGB channels

    To load a luminosity mask for individual RGB channels Press CTRL>ALT and 1 2 or 3 for either the R G or B channel. no need to go into the channel pallete either. Pressing Ctrl and 1 2 or 3 makes the R G or B channel active as greyscale in your open window, at least I think thats what happens. I NOTICED THIS WHEN THE CAT WALKED ON MY KEYBOARD, REALLY!!! tom

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    Yes Tom, you're right. I just got the Channel Chops book and they talk about that exact thing. Groovy!



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      Thank Heavens it was discovered before. Now I can tell the cat she aint so smart after all!!! I LOVE DEFLATING A FELINE EGO. Tom


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