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Montage problem.. help!

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  • Montage problem.. help!

    Hi folks..

    I have an image that I did a while back, of a person in front of a weird freaking color mixed wallpaper. And of course, 6 months later I need that image BUT I need it wider. So I have no choice but to fake the wallpaper and widen it.
    Luckily I made some wider shots of the same setup, so I do have that. But the original image went through couple of post process procedures, first in lightroom where I cross-process developed it, then twice in Photoshop, where I played with colors a bit more. This all means the wall is in some weird mixed colors and is making me huge problem to now fake it. To make things a bit more complicated, the wallpaper was made out of paper, so it bounced light all over the place, so some areas are brighter and same darker.

    If anyone is up for the challenge and have some free time, I'd really appreciate some help with this. I came close with my copy, but not close enough.

    I uploaded the edge of the image (didn't put the whole one up, it's over 150MB) and the new wallpaper as a separate layer. I didn't add blur yet, but it needs about 8-10 gaussian blur applied to match the original back.
    The zip is here:

    I also added a screen shot, so you can quickly see what I'm talking about (the zip file of the image is still 20MB).
    Screen shot is here:

    I'm on a deadline as well, would need this by the end of the week :S
    Hope someone can help me out
    I'm, of course, available for any additional information.


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    Re: Montage problem.. help!

    Easy one:

    Pick the color of the original on the wallpaper: 150/161/168 use a curve on the new one and voila. Now pick the color on the pattern 93/102/108, make a quick selection (color range works a treat) add another curve. Lastly the wall should be darker at the bottom than the top, use another curve with a gradient on the mask.

    Takes 5 mins. And since you still have a week, you'll be fine.


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      Re: Montage problem.. help!

      Not as easy as it seems..
      I did that, got it close, but not close enough. There's always something that's out of place.

      Thx anyway,


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        Re: Montage problem.. help!

        Mat, if you have Photoshop CS4, have you tried Image>Content Aware Scale, ideally creating a rough mask of you main subject. However it may work well without the mask if you check the "Protect Skin Tones" box in the option menu bar.
        A simple Edit>Transform stretch might work. Creating a seamless tile of the background might work.
        It is difficult to tell without see the entire images.
        Regards, Murray


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          Re: Montage problem.. help!

          1. Targeted curves - to bring the background close to the add on
          2. Painting in between w/blending=darken
          3. Mask in "your add on"
          4. Targeted curves for correction in between the hair
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            Re: Montage problem.. help!

            Odd, using a bunch of curves worked pretty well I thought.
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              Re: Montage problem.. help!

              Wow, nicely done!
              Could I trouble you for your psd files with those curves? Pls!!


              (matic AT matickos DOT com)


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