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  • Collage Making related Questions

    I've been doing some serious Googling, but I can't seem to come up with the right key words, so maybe someone here can tell me.

    I'm trying to make a collage. Optimally the kind where you take a bunch of photos, line them up into a grid, and they make up another image. I know I've seen tutorials on how to do that before but can't find that.

    If no one has advice on how to do that, I'd also be really interested in just learning how I can take about 80 photos and tell photoshop to line them up in one file on a grid. Basically like a igant contact sheet but with no spacing between the files. Some of the files may not be the same size so I'm not sure if theres a way to tell Photoshop to resize them.

    I am working with Photoshop CS4.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    Re: Collage Making related Questions

    Do you mean something like these?


    they're obviously not photoshop programs but they are free to download. I can't remember which but one of them works a lot quicker than the other. I think its the Andreamosaic one.

    Hope that helps!


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      Re: Collage Making related Questions

      If you download AndreaMosaic make sure to read AndreaMosaic's comprehensive Help file


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        Re: Collage Making related Questions

        search for "storyboards"


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          Re: Collage Making related Questions

          This tutorial mentioned using File>Automate>Contact Sheet for making collages (then goes on to make a ball)


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            Re: Collage Making related Questions

            This is how I'll do:
            Put all your images in a folder, make a script for the resizing part: File>automate>fit image, then it has to be batched with file>automate>batch for all the folder...
            Then you can do: scripts>load files into stack (that gives you a new document full of all your images one on each layer), make a new blank layer at the top, go to image> canvas size, set your dimensions, set a grid that suits you (make sure that snap to grid is activated), select the selection tool, deselect the auto select tick box (it's tedious). and then select each layer, then drag and drop the ones you want the way you want onto the grid (as it snaps, you don't have to be super precise or having huge magnification). Then merge layers set your final resolution by image>image size if it applies...

            I Hope I understood well your problem...
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              Re: Collage Making related Questions

              That's really cool looking Pavel. When I get a spare minute, I'm going to sit down and watch the video and see what I can figure out with it along with 4personnen's instructions.

              Thanks to the both of you!


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