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  • best masking software..

    i use pscs5 but im not that good masking fine hair with either quick selection and refine edges or masking by using channels and calculations, apply images and so on. Im shooting on a green screen or white paper roll. Does anyone know of a good plugin /standalone software program for masking - price is no concern - dosent have to be green or bluescreen...

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    Re: best masking software..
    this looks like it would be ok but it might take you a min to learn it
    there is a free version without a paste option


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      Re: best masking software..

      Topaz Labs has a great product called, ReMask. You can find it here.


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        Re: best masking software..

        CS 5 can do the job without supplemental plugins and the attendant costs.
        There are a variety of techniques, some need to be combined.
        Do a Google search on: photoshop intricate masks


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          Re: best masking software..

          Hi all. First post.
          Topaz's ReMask is excellent. So, too, is the improved Refine Mask in CS5. In my work it's a toss-up as to which I use. I will say that I would probably not have bought the Topaz if CS4 had the same improvements as CS5.
          Both take a lot of practice but well worth the time/


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            Re: best masking software..

            if you are using green screen I recommend Digital Anarchy Primatte, I have used it tons and it works amazing. You must light the subject properly, but its really easy.


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              Re: best masking software..

              Refine edge is one of the most accurate and speedy PS5 tools for masking/selecting just about anything.


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                Re: best masking software..

                Interesting demo by planetphotoshop though the impact is somewhat diluted by pasting the model onto another blue background. Anyone got any samples of delicate hair masking they have created using any of the above software/plugins? A small close-up patch would do nicely.


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                  Re: best masking software..

                  There's a list of third party masking options here under "Selections/Masking". Some are discounted, so don't pay full price.


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