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  • rgb cmyk channels

    Clicking on the channels layer will normally give you the red green and blue channels layers.

    I forget how to get cmyk layers and how to get both cmyk and rgb layers all in the same channels list. How do i go about doing this?

    I hope this makes sense. Anyone?

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    Re: rgb cmyk channels

    Kyleb, if you want to view or work on CMYK channels you need to convert the image from RGB to CMYK. If you use PS, then do Image>Mode>CMYK
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: rgb cmyk channels

      you cant have CMYK and RGB layers all coexisting in the channels panel at the same time.

      But they do both show within the same channels panel just one at a time, depending on which one you have selected, which Murray showed you.


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        Re: rgb cmyk channels

        This is what your looking for -



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          Re: rgb cmyk channels

          Hey that's exactly what I was looking for.


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            Re: rgb cmyk channels

            That's cool, thanks!

            Reminds me of a channels-based creative tip:

            Convert your image to CMYK, blur the K (black) channel using Gaussian Blur, switch back to RGB. Nice dreamy effects.


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              Re: rgb cmyk channels

              A bit more info here @ RetouchPRO: "Photoshop Channel concepts: The Power of Ten"


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                Re: rgb cmyk channels

                There is even a book or two on channel chops (including one by Scott Kelby).


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                  Re: rgb cmyk channels

                  I often duplicate the RGB channels before converting to a CMYK profile. This can give me more options when channel masking.

                  You can also do this in reverse if you work with a duplicate of the file, duplicate channels and move them between the two different colour modes. I generally only do this when I don't want to narrow the gamut by converting to CMYK, but still need the detail that sometimes RGB can't give me.



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