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  • adding photo to template

    Hello - I've watched tutorials on this, I have pscs4. I open my
    template and it shows in the layer screen on right, when I open
    my photo to paste, the template disappears and the layer and
    only the photo shows in the layer screen. I'm sure there is something
    that I a missing, but all tutorials show, both come up on the screen
    at the same time. Thanks in advance for helping.

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    Re: adding photo to template

    If I understand correctly you are opening two different files in Photoshop. If this is the case each file will have its own space which you should see under the menu bar with its own file name. By clicking on the file name you will be able to view each image seperately.

    With 2 files open in Photoshop one as background image (Background) and one you want to paste onto the background (Image)

    Quick way
    Goto Window/Arrange/Tile - You should now see both images
    Use the Move Tool to select the image you want to paste (Image) and holding down left mouse button drag and drop onto the Background.

    Click on the file name at the top of the screen to make it the active view.
    Select Menu/ All then goto Edit Menu /Copy
    Click on Background file name then goto Edit Menu /Paste

    Either way you should now have 2 layers your background (Background) with a new layer (Image)


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