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Light streaks in composite

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  • Light streaks in composite


    I am working on a composite of an athlete against a grungy background. The athlete is lit with two hard light sources from behind and a fill light from the front.

    I want to composite him into a background which has two light sources above him to the left and right (see attachment).

    After compositing him I tried to tie the background and the athlete together by creating light streaks from the lights on the background in the direction of the athlete (empty layer in between athlete and background: paint light streaks with white soft brush, blur, add noise and reduce opacity). I am not all that happy with the result. Any other ideas on how to tie the composite together?

    I attach a version without the light streaks as well.


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    Re: Light streaks in composite

    I think you're on the right track. The main thing that makes it feel weird to me is that those fixtures wouldn't cast light in that way.

    You're getting the depth and separation you want by reducing contrast in the background. Just try making the falloff from the lights smoother and less directional. Maybe a half stop darker, too.


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      Re: Light streaks in composite

      Tim is right, don't make the lights directional, this kind of lightbulbs expels light everywhere.
      1. create a curves layer ( lighter)
      2. Maks everywhere
      3. I will include an extra fill layer in soft light mode and find a colour tone to marriage both images together.

      See attachment screenshot.
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        Re: Light streaks in composite

        Thanks, great advice!


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          Re: Light streaks in composite

          theres some nice light beam tuts on youtube


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