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  • Photo mosaic program

    Hey all!
    Can anyone suggest a good photo mosaic program.
    I have a few thousand family photos I would like to compose into one shot.
    I'm planing on making a 20x24 final print.

    I had one program I downloaded a few years ago but it wasn't a true mosaic, what mean is the program altered the colors and contrast of each photo to suit the final outcome. What I'm looking for is a program that keeps the originals the same exposure and color. I'm using a Mac

    Tv Guide just had an issue with Lucille Ball on the cover commemorating it's 60th anniversary. It has the look I'm going for.
    Sorry, I can't figure out how to post an attachment from my mobile

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Photo mosaic program

    Have you tried the collage maker in Picasa desktop?


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      Re: Photo mosaic program

      I tried MacOSaiX......not bad,could be a good start


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        Re: Photo mosaic program

        MacOSaix worked great!


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