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Teal flames on guitar

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  • Teal flames on guitar

    Hello. I am using Photoshop for many years, but there are just things i am not good at. If anyone can help me with this i would really appreciate it.. Long story short ...

    I have a website (bottom image) and i want to add a flaming guitar at where the teal place i have drawn. But i want the color of the guitar to be like the red drawn place. To match perfectly together.

    On the top of the picture is the guitar i want you to work on. Do not re-size it please work on that size if its not big trouble. and please i want you to focus more on the chords of the guitar to have flames too.

    Thank you in advance.. I hope you can solve my problem.

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    Re: Teal flames on guitar

    There are some really good tutorials out there in cyberspace for adding smoke/flames to objects. If you can find some by Corey Barker and get through the fact that he talks so fast, then you should be able to get a good grasp on the flames.



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