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  • My latest artsy comp

    My latest artsy! This one combines three original images I took several years ago into a composite using layers and layer masks. The original window shot was skewed into a flat perspective and the left side window framed restored by cloning the right side.

    The storm cloud sky had a bit of lens flare applied to match the location where the window's sun reflection is. The sparse-cloud sky layer was scaled vertically to compress the clouds at the top of the composition. A layer mask was used to blend the cloud images together, and a drop shadow was added to the window layer.

    What I like about this piece is the "lucky accident" where it looks like the sunset is coming through the window, but that's actually a reflection from the opposite direction.
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    Re: My latest artsy comp

    Or maybe with water on top?
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      Re: My latest artsy comp

      Plugs, Both look pretty fine!


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        Re: My latest artsy comp

        Thanks! The thing about artsy, too many options... ;-)


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          Re: My latest artsy comp

          Great shot; really like it. The first one, that is; not so keen on the water, it just doesn't seem to fit whereas the first image has an intrigue about it, like it really is a window into the sky. Great work!

          I'm just getting into photo-compositing. As a pro photographer of more than 30 years I've mostly been used to building sets or finding locations for my work; I'm only just realising what can be achieved with photo-compositing a concept from scratch. This is an inspiration to me :-)


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            Re: My latest artsy comp

            Thanks Frank, I agree, the original concept was better. The problem with compositing is like recording a song or painting a picture, you have to know what to leave in and what to leave out, and especially when to stop!

            But I hope you enjoy getting into it. If you have a backlog of your own stock photos, you're ready to go.

            Take a look at my free ezine for compositing tutorials, especially issue #21.


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              Re: My latest artsy comp

              Thank you. Downloaded the zip archive and subscribed. Looking forward to getting into them.


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                Re: My latest artsy comp

                Glad to help, Frank! I didn't see your subscription email yet; please PM me here with your address.


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