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Simulating a stencil?

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  • Simulating a stencil?

    (I'm using Inkscape 0.48.4 r9939 (Jan 22 2014) and Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program version 2.8.10)

    I have a section of plain wall in an image, and I wish to visualise how a coloured stencil would look.


    The light on the section of wall is not uniform.

    I have the stencil in a vector form, and can readily render it for use.

    It strikes me that this should be easy - add the stencil as a layer, probably with a mask, perspective transform the layer, and then set the composite mode so that "the right thing" happens.

    But I can't find the right mode.

    I can easily make a stencil that's darker than the wall, using mode="multiply". But the room has a quite dark paint at the moment. I want to pick up the variation in light from the wall, not the absolute value.

    In essence I want to modulate the lightness of the applied stencil with the lightness of the wall, whilst still have control over the absolute value of lightness. Hue and Saturation should come from the stencil.

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