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How to successfully add abstract this element

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  • How to successfully add abstract this element

    Hi retouchpro forum, I am looking at these shoots thinking those background elements on white surface could be added in post production. What do you think?

    Each time i try to change some major part of background composition things go.... south. Please share some ideas how can i achieve such effect, and make it still look real.

    Thanks in advance, Milan

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    Re: How to successfully add abstract this element

    The bad news is that if you had trouble, you're not likely to achieve strong results anytime soon. You have to match perspective, scale, color palette of the shot, lighting, preserve necessary shadows, and deal with intersecting edges along the models. It is typically not a straight drop-in. You have to be able to both adjust those things and spot something is off. Then of course with an entire series of images, you have to maintain uniformity among them. In the case of various shadows and background lighting, they may have to be recreated. Also if the background is bright white to the point of clipping, it will never look natural.


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