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  • Color coordination

    Been trying to get my mind in tune with color relationship between subject and background, I offer this example...
    Might I be better off using a different color for the background?
    With regard to floral photography, is complimentary better than contrasting?

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    Re: Color coordination

    Hi Chauncey
    Guess what - it depends of course.

    As with many of your images the background plays a secondary muted subject. So it depends on if that is your goal or not.

    I give it a gut check for me if the image is distracting, complimentary (in a secondary type of way), or nice but out of the way.

    For this particular image, I am fine with the background color and soft out-of-focus look yet my eye gets drawn to the background and not the subject primarily because the floral arrangement loops and is continued by the soft brownish-green background loop so my eye gets lost and does not know where to pay attention. I bet that would not happen without that portion of the background.

    Just my quick thoughts of course.


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      Re: Color coordination

      Generally speaking, the background color should not distract from the focal point - or primary subject matter. Buy that is just in terms of a nice photograph. I often look at things from a total design perspective - like where is this pic going to be used on a page and within a layout. Is type going to run over - or reverse out of it. What other colors are being used - perhaps corporate colors. So I guess there is no right or wrong, except to say, barring use within a published piece, you probably don't want to have your outline or subject edges be drawn - or lost - into the background.


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        Re: Color coordination

        I should hang out here more frequently as there are old friends dwelling here.
        I usually shoot these flowers parked in front of an image displayed on my monitor and am unsure about colors in that monitor image.


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