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I'd like to automate a task with Photoshop

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  • I'd like to automate a task with Photoshop

    I need to do a little task in Photoshop but I need to do it thousands of time.

    That's what I do :

    1- You can see the img that I edit to create a picture for my e-shop:

    2- I have to drag and drop a picture and stretch it to the 4 angles. After that I need to do CTRL+S (save it) for this img resized.
    See here :

    3- After that I need to save the final picture which you can see here :

    I need to do that for 8000 pictures... Does someone know how can I do that automatically ?
    I really can't do that for 8000 pictures manually.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Re: I'd like to automate a task with Photoshop

    I'm not sure that could be set up as an action. If it's a specific translation of x and y pixels as well as other adjustments being fixed either numerically or by percentage, it could be scripted. I doubt it would take more than 100 lines of code. Depending on what is available, it might take a fraction of that. I would google it, because it's likely that someone else has attempted this, in which case you could just use whatever they wrote.


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      Re: I'd like to automate a task with Photoshop

      It seems that you are trying to render a texture on a 3D phone case. I think this would be a very easy task for a 3D modeling and rendering application like Blender. I'm sure you'll find a lot of video tutorials in YouTube that will guide you on how to do this, and you'll be able to render all images in a few hours.


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